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Living Quarters

The colours, textures and furniture in the saloon have been chosen to reflect the period of Creole’s original launching in 1927. The limed oak panelling and white and ochre suede sofas create a harmonious continuity with the bleached teak decks outside.

In the dining saloon the lower part of the walls are panelled in a combination of burl walnut and birds-eye maple and the upper half are covered with Japanese ray skins that have been aged to give a rich patterned effect. The cabins have different names and themes with matching silk curtains, bed covers and different wood veneers for the furniture.


The deck is superb with its highly-polished brass and the richly varnished bulwarks.


With the original sail plan reinstated Creole is very powerful under sail, reaching speeds of up to 16 Knots.


Were he with us today, Charles E. Nicholson would finally be proud of his largest and finest creation.

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